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Creekside Farm
431 Southern Blvd, Chatham, NJ

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Creekside Farm is proud to offer a variety of Thanksgiving pies!

Please fill out the order form below to preorder your pies. Please note that we are accepting preorders until 5pm on Saturday, November 17th. Due to increased Thanksgiving volume, pies will not be available for purchase unless preordered.

Our 9" pies cost $13.95 and may be picked up on Tuesday 11/20 or Wednesday 11/21.

We will be offering
the following pies:
Apple Crisp
Apple (No Sugar Added)
Cherry Crumb
Dutch Blueberry
Mixed Berry
Peach Praline
Strawberry Rhubarb

Loaf Cakes:
Banana Nut
Cranberry Orange
Zucchini Nut

We are located at 431 Southern Boulevard in Chatham, NJ (across from Fairmont Country Club). We look forward to being a small part of your Thanksgiving celebration!

AvocadoClick to Start Your Order
$ 2.25 USD
Avocado per piece
Bananas (Bunch)Click to Start Your Order
Bananas (Bunch)
$ 2.99 USD
Bunch of Bananas
Jersey Kale (bunch)Click to Start Your Order
Jersey Kale (bunch)
$ 2.50 USD
Bunch of Jersey Kale
Jersey Leaf LettuceClick to Start Your Order
Jersey Leaf Lettuce
$ 2.50 USD
Red and Green Leaf Lettuce
Jersey Romaine LettuceClick to Start Your Order
Jersey Romaine Lettuce
$ 2.79 USD
Large Head of Lettuce
Large Jersey CantaloupeClick to Start Your Order
Large Jersey Cantaloupe
$ 4.50 USD
Jersey Cantaloupe
Granola (14oz)Click to Start Your Order
Granola (14oz)
$ 6.99 USD
Original 14oz Granola
Nectarines (4 Pack)Click to Start Your Order
Nectarines (4 Pack)
$ 3.49 USD
4 Pack of Nectarines
Plums (4 Pack)Click to Start Your Order
Plums (4 Pack)
$ 3.99 USD
4 Pack of Plums
GrapesClick to Start Your Order
$ 5.99 USD
Bag of Grapes
Maple SyrupClick to Start Your Order
Maple Syrup
$ 8.95 USD
Finding Home Farms Maple Syrup
Jersey Yellow Peaches (4 Pack)Click to Start Your Order
Jersey Yellow Peaches (4 Pack)
$ 3.99 USD
4 Pack of Peaches
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